As far as I can remember, I was an active boy whether playing sports, games or being chased by the owner of the property where our soccer ball had landed (going over the fence to retrieve), because it involved running.

Where I come from football (soccer) was the sport and since there was no grass field we often had to play on asphalt and sometimes on loose gravel and you know something, it never stopped us because we had a passion for that sport. Well, that drive has always been there for me when it came to sports and as I always said to myself that you are either great in sports or in academics far more than the other and since I did not have much interest in books and etc...(With exception of mathematics) I tilted towards sports.

I was born and raised in Iran (The former Great Persia) until I reached the age of 13. My family and I moved to United States in 1979 after a messy revolution by the religious extremes. Being from the two halves of the only Christians (Assyrian/Babylonians(almost extinct) and Armenian) living as minorities in mostly populated Muslim country, it was our only option to leave our country for safe heaven.

I adapted quickly in a very strange land and adjusted myself accordingly. English language was not much of a barrier since I attended at a half English school back home. I pursued school and sports and participated in a semi professional soccer league when I was only 16. Once I went to college I stopped chasing the ball and started running after the girls (a new sport). It didn't take long to realize that everything has its place in life and saw the need to engage in sports again. Before and during I always thought that bodybuilding was too easy of a sport and it didn't interest me but when I first laid my eyes on a bodybuilding magazine I was drawn to the pictures. Watching bodies like Zane, Arnold, Columbo, and others, reminded me of super heroes or cartoon characters in the comic books. To me they looked like these perfect images. I never imagined that there was any remote possibility of me being anywhere near that in size and proportions.

It wasn't until I was 21 when I picked up my first set of dumbbells (which you'll see in this site). From then on I trained with only basic knowledge of everything else which was involved. I only learned by reading and implementing what I had learned and through trial and error I mastered the techniques. I had to learn the diet part of it when I was approached by a gentleman named Steve Carr in Las Vegas where I lived at the time. Steve was and still is the promoter of Las Vegas Classic, The Nevada State Championship and The National show called The USA.

He asked me if I was getting ready to compete at his upcoming show the Las Vegas Classic since I looking in shape. I remember when I replied no and what competition is that? That was the question which put me on a road to a better Health and Fitness.

I was exited about being recognized for all the hard work I had endured and wanted to further myself. I prepared myself for a battle, a competition of a kind that involved no team work and hard work that went on year around. Competing in bodybuilding demands discipline and not only pushes you physically but it also affects you psychologically. When all said and done, I loved the challenge and started training harder than the first 10 years previous to that. I had attained muscle maturity so much that it was difficult to pack on mass but stayed lean year around (Ectomorph). I started to compete in March of 1997 as a natural competitor in the ABA organization and Musclemania there after. I have traveled around the world for the Natural Olympia representing The US and My native country IRAN, placing top three in the world four consecutive years. The first five years I had competed on an average of six shows a year and did well in almost all of them. Exposure is everything in this sport and in the organizations that I was involved in it was very seldom. I crossed over to The National Physic Committee in 2004, officially. I have worked with Pro body builders like Jay Cutler as well as Pro Contenders like Abbas Khatami and amateurs to better them, especially when it came to choreography and music.

It is good to be a part of this big movement called Health and Fitness and I would like to return the knowledge acquired from this to anyone interested enough. And hopefully the Physiques of tomorrow's men or women change for better for we are drifting away from what it was meant to be...An Appealing Beauty of Inner Surface.