To combine Exercise and Diet for an individual who has his/her mind set on a specific goal whether its Competition, Photo Shoot or any given date must be given special instruction by someone capable enough who can be called appropriately A Coach. Coaching is very complicated since everyone has unique needs. After carefully evaluation of each individual either from the past experiences and knowledge or the current fitness level, a coach should be able to design to a certain degree a throughout game plan with the best outcome possible.

What I do with every prospect is step by step program with careful monitoring of food and water intake with supplementation in conjunction with training and choreography (if applicable) which will increase as we get closer to our destination. I say we because I feel as involved as the person I am coaching so if you fail I fail. I am as dedicated and hard working as anyone out there if not more. I have been training none stop at first and then toning it down to smart training for over 19 years. I mostly learned on my own the hard way and I take pride at what I have accomplished. I am here to teach what I have learned and to eliminate the long routes to your goals. We all at times have been taught through either people or literature and we must give back equally if not more to better someone who will do the same to another.

For more information regarding coaching, please E-mail me directly to discuss your specific requirements, we will then build a custom program based on your specific needs.