In order to implement ideas regarding incorporation of training and Nutrition for a healthy life and longevity, you must realize that both aspects are not as equally important as previously thought.

Diet is the most important piece of this confusing puzzle. What I mean by that is it is very complicated when one must know what food is made out of and what supplements are needed in what combinations and how much can have an adverse or toxic affect. The durations and frequencies are as important. As you can see not everyone can nearly solve this equation with any one set formula.

It is only with clinical studies, research and experience one assumes the understanding of Diet & Nutrition which still is up to that era only. We humans learn as we progress with time. So with that understanding, my experiences firsthand as a natural athlete and as a user of sport enhancement drugs came for most as the best learning tool. I have learned how to manipulate Diet and Supplementation to get the best results for either short or long term bases. Trial and error with plenty of information and others experiences, novice or master, has been my bases for knowledge.

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